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Why do you cut your nails and not your hair?

Why doesn't your religion have a legal system?

Why doesn't your religion agree with or mention semitic history?

Why does Sikhism say all paths lead to the same goal?

Why do you have 10 Gurus? Does that mean you have 10 gods too?

Why doesn't Sikhism mention the creation of the world? Did Guru Nanak not know?

Why is there no mention of Satan in Sikh scriptures?

Why do Sikhs cremate their dead and not bury them?

Why did Sikhism copy re-incarnation from Hinduism?

Why are non-Sikhs quoted in the Guru Granth Sahib?

Why are there no prophecies in the Sikh scriptures? Did Guru Nanak not know of any?

Why don't Sikhs celebrate events of other prophets?

Why do Sikhs say that god is everywhere? Is he there when one commits sins as well?

Why do Sikhs follow so many rituals?

Why did Guru Nanak's own son abandon Sikhism if it's a true religion?

Why do Sikhs do such horrible things like partying, drinking, etc? What kind of religion is this?
Q: Hindu's burn their dead. Jews bury, Christians bury, Muslims bury,... OOP's oh no Hinduism was right again, burn them for Sikhs. The tradition of burying was started by the son of Adam.

A: Sikhs, by convention, cremate bodies. It is not a divine rule though. We don't care about the body, we know the atmaa (soul) has left and all that is left is dirt. We don't care about the body. Sometimes it is even buried at sea. Why? Because the body is nothing without a soul. Sikhs are not bound by beliefs that the body will be resurrected on some Day of Judgement. How will the body, now decayed and turned to soil ever rise again? And so Sikhs also do not jam precious land by filling it with dead bodies and then declaring it "sacred".